Of Beatrice for Ambwele

Of Beatrice for Ambwele

Will somebody please tell Sgt. Ambwele to come see Beatrice. I finally got a photo up of her. Ifrag…do that for me Sis’tah! Thanks!




For all of you that have been waiting on a recent photo…this is meeeeee now!!! (some 20 lbs lighter and 1 year older).  What’s that under my eye?  Hummmm…Is that where some of my fat went?  

Blessings everyone and peace! More photos to come.  

For Pleasant Dreams

For pleasant Dreams

Sometimes the things you sleep under are more than physical cover.  These are the photos and items on my headboard in Ghana.  May love prevail in spite of all odds and any physical circumstance that try to intrude on our peace of mind.

FuIl Body Search

Well, I arrived at the airport 2 and 1/2 hours early to avoid any delays.  This was good thinking from months ago as I was overweight and wanted to leave some things behind with my girls if I needed to unload some things that (back in December) I thought I would not be able to live without!  That part went well…as I had to shed 2 lbs from what I thought was a 70 lb bag.  Okay…now we are inside the airport and going through the “do you have all your paperwork so we can send you back home if you don’t and you’ll have to go through all this again” process.  Good.  All paper work in order but the luggage  has to be rearranged as the bag which I thought I was going to use as a purse did not pass and my computer bag was already full.  So, off to the side we go to try putting all that was in the so-called purse into the carry-on and my computer bag.  But, SURPRISE! only half fits and my prized possessions have to go back home with my girls.

Now, we are at the final phase of the traveling abroad ritual — saying farewell…HUGS…KISSES…more HUGS…KISSES…WAVING…BYE…I LOVE YOU! BE GOOD!

Now for the part that every traveler loves…security check.  Show your paper work…ok good…take your shoes off and put them in a basket with your purse and take your computer out of its case and put it and your phone in another basket and of course, any liquids must be in a plastic bag and in another basket.  Now,  lift up the remainder of whatever you have up onto the conveyor belt and step forward and put your feet in those two yellow feet in this x-ray like full-body scanner while you hold your hands up over your head.  Now, last time I traveled on a plane — remember to Florida in December and January, that was the end of the process.  But, of course, not today.

Let me go back a little ways…I have a girlfriend who has written a book about overseas travel and I asked her a question about money/document belt — if I can put it on before I board the plane.  She said “Oh, no problem…you’ll be fine.”  NOOOOOOOO, that is not fine!  They saw the belt in the scan and asked me to step aside and what was that I had on under my clothes?  A money/document belt…I told them.  “We will have to do a full body search.  Stand here…we have to go to the room over there.”  So, after taking the belt off in front of the two female security persons, which one of them inspected, they told me that they would still have to proceed with the full body search.  So, I proceeded to transition myself mentally to “doctor’s office mode.”  Ladies, this works well otherwise it might feel like an invasion of your personal space.  But, over all, it was not bad.  They were nice ladies and I was a cooperative citizen.

Once back in my clothes, I gathered up all my belongings which were now in quite a mess from the perfect packing I thought I had done over the weeks, I was on my way down to wait at the boarding gate with all the other happy travelers.

More on my trip to Africa soon…we’ve only just begun.

Downtown Disney!

Ever want to be an adult and child all at the same time?  Then visit Walt Disney’s Downtown Disney!

No, this is not an advertisement.  It’s a testimony.  Downtown Disney has a Marketplace and Pleasure Island and fun than the law should allow.  There is every kind of food you can eat and under conditions that only someplace with the name Disney could provide.  It’s a delight for the heart and the eyes.  But, see just a little of the excitement I tried to capture in these few photos below.  After that, don’t live through my experience, go visit Downtown Disney for yourself!

Who was Eating Who in Jurassic Park

Run!!!! Oh, it's not really alive?

What are those people eating?

Grab your Food and let's make a quick get-away!

I'm a Sea Serpent made of how many Lego pieces?

Red Tails 5 Stars

Yes, I’m one of those people who watches movies for art and substance and RED TAILS is s true winner. 

Today was the debut of this George Lucas film directed by Anthony Hemingway and from my seat, it is a winner! The acting is superb and the cinematography puts you in the cockpits.  But most importantly, it brings a part of African American historty to life that our youth need to see.  It is truly a story about professionalism, skill, honor, friendship, excellence in the face of blantant racism and patriotism in the face of segregation and out right murder, lunchings and criss burnings back home! All that these men were can easily be pushed into some dark corners.

Don’t miss it.

Promo poster for the movie, no copyright enfringement intended.

New Friends

Today visited the talented and lovely Lady J and her charming husband at their home.  I had heard her sing at the ObamaQue last week and just had to have a copy of her cd, “Inspirations.”  We exchanged numbers and after several phone conversations, a meeting date was set. She and her husband were so gracious and we spent time learning about each other discovering that we will be friends for a very long time to come. 

Visit her webpage by clicking on this link and enjoy!