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I have been told that since I am a water sign, that this explains my love of travel.  Sometimes I have the opportunity to simply get in my car and drive as far as I please.  These shots were taken on my drive from Michigan to Arizona.  With no one else to consider while on this trip, I was able to stop whenever I chose and take pictures all along the route.  Photography by Sophia Asaviour…EnJoy!!!

Mountain Majesty


rock formations
Ancient Dwelling Places
The photo to the right is of these really unusual and fantastic rock formations somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona.  (I really should have labeled these 10 rolls of film 🙂  If you’ve seen similar ones, write and share where you found them.

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There would never have been enough film to take all that I saw on my journey from Michigan to Sedona, but here are three more tools for reflection on the awesomeness of where we are.  Photography by Sophia Asaviour…EnJoy!

Eagle’s View
Is Anybody Down There?

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Something Strange This Way Comes

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Photography and short stories by Sophia Asaviour

Booo -- We See You!

Look closely, there is somebody with a black cape and white dots on his back visiting these flowers.  He is seeking shelter before the sun descends and who knows what will come out.  If he moves gently, they may not see him.

No Pushing!!!

As the trees on the other side of the mountain valiantly observe, they stand silent as these rocks gather before nightfall.  Down, down, way down below there are other rocks that have fallen to an unknown fate.  These, while missing their fellows are not yet mature enough to test the weight of gravity.  But shall one so decide?   Hummmmm

Don't Look Down

As the birds and winds of long ago flew and blew over dropping the seeds that were their ancient forebearers, these remnants stand in the face of all who wonder here crying out in deafening presence this testament…”Do Not Look Down.   Face your enemy bravely knowing your roots are planted firmly in the earth and nothing can move you.  Fear is a creature of the mindDo Not Look Down.”

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