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I share a Vision

with all people (of like mind)

building a world

based on freedom and cooperation.

May our Vision manifest now.

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…Most of the compulsions of everyday life may well be socially respectable, yet are often neurotic in origin because they are the result of the tyranny of opinions.

     The processes of meditation can eradicate such tyranny and teach a person to stand on his (or her) own feet.

(from Chapt 1 of The Practice of Meditation by Charles Bowness)

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Never let a day go by without going within…meditate. 
Meditation is a form of prayer, but prayer is not meditation.  Unlike prayer, meditation requires no words.  Its language is simply presence.
Most prayer is of the mind requiring some form and structure.  Meditation is of the soul where freedom reigns.
Meditation is silence.  Meditation is the transport to your place of remembering the meaning of life.

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Let the heavens open in every nation

 and rain down Peace!

Oh Pleaseee

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Life is always about letting go. We all jump off cliffs when our fear of what is behind us is greater than our fear of what’s ahead. The most crucial issue in our relationship to God is trust. In meditation, we give up control. Until we have trust in God, nothing much can happen in our lives of a very spiritual nature. Where there is fear, there is no trust. Meditation is letting go with complete trust that our God will catch us and deposit us in a safe place.

Go beyond the limited power of the intellect — meditate.

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What is your purpose for being here?

To Share Peace

To Ask for Forgiveness

To Offer Love

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