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Of Beatrice for Ambwele

Will somebody please tell Sgt. Ambwele to come see Beatrice. I finally got a photo up of her. Ifrag…do that for me Sis’tah! Thanks!


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For all of you that have been waiting on a recent photo…this is meeeeee now!!! (some 20 lbs lighter and 1 year older).  What’s that under my eye?  Hummmm…Is that where some of my fat went?  

Blessings everyone and peace! More photos to come.  

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Yes, I’m one of those people who watches movies for art and substance and RED TAILS is s true winner. 

Today was the debut of this George Lucas film directed by Anthony Hemingway and from my seat, it is a winner! The acting is superb and the cinematography puts you in the cockpits.  But most importantly, it brings a part of African American historty to life that our youth need to see.  It is truly a story about professionalism, skill, honor, friendship, excellence in the face of blantant racism and patriotism in the face of segregation and out right murder, lunchings and criss burnings back home! All that these men were can easily be pushed into some dark corners.

Don’t miss it.

Promo poster for the movie, no copyright enfringement intended.

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The Odu Ifa advises “When we arrive at a cool place, Let us rest fully.” 
So have I been doing in the shade of the palms and the warmth of the sun in Florida. 
While Wednesday was filled with
fun at Universal Studios (lunched at the Hard Rock Cafe), today was spent in pursuit of my African American culture.  Visited the Hannibal Square Heritage Center in Winter Park and went on to the ‘Wells Built Hotel Museum‘ in downtown Orlando whose hours were M-F until 5:00pm. But they were closed. We peered through the windows and their displays looked very interesting. But I suppose you should call before going.

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Work, Death, and Sickness – Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.
You should check out this book. I’ve been reading it on my Android phone using Aldiko.

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“Though the vicious can sometimes pour affliction upon the good,

their power is transient and their punishment certain;

and that innocence,

though oppressed by injustice,


supported by patience,

finally triumph over misfortune!”

(From The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1794)

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I always think of employed coupled with the word “being.”  Meaning that I think of employed as a verb.  But, it is not; it is an adjective.  Employ is the verb.  So, in order for me to ask the question:  How can one be un-employed? I must start with the definition of employ.  I like the one which appears in the Free Dictionary online:

1. a. To engage the services of; put to work; b. To provide with gainful work:

2. To put to use or service

3. To devote (time, for example) to an activity or purpose

So, according to the above, we don’t have to have someone else “employ” us for us to be “employed.”  Oh, that’s good to know!  But, most people tie being employed to making or earning money.  This means that when they are not making money, they are described as being unemployed.  Not so.  As long as we devote our work to be of service for good, we are employed and in motion to creating a better world for ourselves and for others.

So you see, you are not unemployed!  You are employed but just not getting money or remuneration for what you are now doing at the moment.  Now, if we can just find ways to gain resources while we are providing these services for the greater good, we will all be just fine.   Hey!  Is there some extra funds laying around in the Department of Defense?  We would like some of it allocated to pay these ’employed volunteers’ for providing these community services before their ‘unemployment‘ runs out!

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