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“Though the vicious can sometimes pour affliction upon the good,

their power is transient and their punishment certain;

and that innocence,

though oppressed by injustice,


supported by patience,

finally triumph over misfortune!”

(From The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1794)


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At the peak moments of your life, how did you react?

If you look very closely, you will see people in the lower right-hand corner of the above picture.  They are standing on a mountain that reaches high above the clouds.  I can only imagine how awesome this experience was for them.  However, I too have witnessed and beheld some marvelous sights and heard some angelic sounds during my lifetime.
Fully engaged during those times, I have felt

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I share a Vision

with all people (of like mind)

building a world

based on freedom and cooperation.

May our Vision manifest now.

Photographer unknown

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Stage 3- Uncharacteristic Behavior; Belief that you have ‘special powers

Lots of emailing, sharing of photographs but no phone calls went on over the next four days.   However, through the letters and notes, it seemed as though passion was building and She could not wait to meet with him virtually again.


He said: Hi!!!  How are you dear friend?

She said: Hi there!  I’m doing just fine.  I’ve missed you.  I’m sure that you’ve been busy, but after my last email to you, I thought of what I had written and considered inviting you into my dream world.

He said:  Me too!!!  I’ve read all the letters you sent and I love the way you approach life.  I would love to enter your dream world…as you did mine…I feel very connected to you.

She said:  I would say this is a good thing.  You should know that when I look at your picture and see your face, it makes me smile.  I appreciate your comments on how I approach life and the existence of God.  It gives me the power I need to take control over circumstances in life and work past the negative or at least understand that we had something to do with how our life is out-picturing in the world.

He said:  Thank you!!!  As you do have a beautiful smile yourself!!!  I was admiring your way of teaching and want to be helpful in that as well.  I do have a lot of experience with training people and maybe my skills are of some use to spreading your beliefs.

She said:  How about your conducting a seminar or workshop on some of the topics that may have struck your attention while your were reading?  You can come here to do it.  What do you think?

He said:  Of course, I want some or most of that time for myself — you know — you and me together…face-to-face.  I would love that very much — especially developmentally as relates to our being close to each other.

She said:  Sure, you can put both things together that way.  I understand that close is a matter of perspective; but, the body does have its longings and the mind has a way of imaging things yet to come and the heart has a longing to know and experience rapture.  Let’s do it!!!

He said:  YES!!!!  There’s a lot of similar connections…I do feel and see and acknowledge that…it feels fantastic!!

She said:  There you go — getting that smile to appear on my face again!!  I will be contacting your embassy soon and getting formal papers together.  July will be here before we know it and I don’t want to wait for the last minute.   Do I need a visa?  Oh, let me tell you about some new music that I’ve been listening to lately.  Just a second, let me get it…

He said:  The way  you do accept your fellow human beings and offer them help through your way of teaching is heartwarming.  Your romantic being touches my very soul…  I think you will need a visa especially if you are here longer than 3 weeks…less then no visa needed.  And…please do…go and tell me about the music.

She said:  It’s titled — A Gift of Love II.  It’s awesome.  I am sure that you will love it too.  I will bring one or two others that are my favorites to share with you and I hope that you will share with me too.

He said:  Thank you dear…I guess you do like the new age music in your courses as background when you are teaching?

She said:  I use some new age and jazz.

He said:  aahh…wonderful…when you visit here I would love to be of any use to you besides the wonderful experience of being close to you and feel the great flow of chemistry between us.

She said:  I’ve been staying up late recently.  I’ve taken on the new task of writing a column for a friend’s newspaper.  The column is entitled “Surviving Long Distance Relationships.”  As I write them, I will pass them on to you so that you can see more into my soul.  I would like for you to do the same.  I see that you are quite the poet at heart.

He said:  I do love to share my poetic and philosophical thoughts with you.

She said:  No matter when I come to you, I will enjoy it all the more because of you.

He said:  FIND THE GIFT IN ALL THINGS no matter how difficult life may seem, we can find meaning and purpose in it all.  We can learn and grow from even the most challenging situations in our lives.  As we learn, we can handle it all in a powerful and loving way…our confidence grows and grows and grows.  In that lies the gift.

She said:  Yes, we so fit togehter…mind and spirit.  When our bodies do finally meet, there will be magic.  May I share you in my life with my friends where you are?  If you are not ready for that type of exposure it’s okay.

He said:  Of course, I will be honored to be in touch with them.

She said:  Thanks for allowing me to share the joy of you in my life with them.  By the way, I went out yesterday and purchased several bottles of wine: one from Portugal 1996 and one from Spain 1997.  Increasing my collection you see.

He said:  hummmmm…May I add some of France to that? I have a friend who has a small company in importing wines from France.  I am a good customer…hahaha.  I also know some people of the Trigueiros Vineyard in Portugal.  They have excellent wines too!!  I would love to share time with you in either of these climates…and with you it will be definitely breathtaking.

She said:  Will you send me a bottle of that French wine?  I will see if I can find some of the Trigueiros wine.  We have a few good wine suppliers who carry speciality wines from foreign countries.  As for sharing climates with me, I keep inviting you to come here.  What are you waiting for?  (Kiss)

He said:  Would you love to receive a Juan les Pins wine?  Very much a desert wine…I would love to present it to you for a gift.  I am waiting for a gap in my schedule.  Several months from now it would be possible to take some time off.

She said:  Send me what you think my tongue will embrace and my lips will long remember.  You bring out this passionate side that’s been buried in me for some time (years)!  It feels good.

He said:  You do that to me too…such fine taste it will be offering you a kiss…of wine.  I will make a package.  Hopefully it will be delivered on time…otherwise I will bring it myself!!!

She said:  You already have one of my numbers…it was on some of the material that I sent you.  Now that we have gone this far, when can we actually talk — speak and hear each other’s voice?

He said:  Was your number there?

She said:  Yes, my number was in the heading.  However, here it is again:  888-8888.  I will be looking for the package and for you.  Be sure to let me know several days in advance of your arrival so that I can be prepared (both me and my house) you know how we writers and artists are — paper everywhere!!!

He said:  I would not like you to make a fuss about my coming…because I am a paper-disaster myself…Feel at home between papers and books!!!

She said:  A “paper disaster?”  We should get along just fine!!!

He said:  Yes, we will…and enjoying wine, poetry, music, philosophy and 🙂 human resources!  I just sent you another picture.

She said:  Psychology, an awesome subject.  What a marvelous topic — the Philosophy of Psychology (or maybe the Psychology of Philosophy).  It is wonderful to make such an impression on a student that they want to remember you and what you have shared with them forever.  That I can do near as much, my life and work will not be in vain.

TO BE CONTINUED…be sure to come back to read the next chapter of Long Distance ~ Periods of Lunacy.

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“I was never a victim of the times I lived in.  In fact, I was a success because of the times I lived in.  My style of personality became the style.   I was sort of the New Woman at a very early point.”  – Katherine Hepburn

Well, when you look at the photo above, you can say that her looks didn’t hurt her ability to be a success.  But, for the remainder of the day and on through 2011 and beyond, let us put aside the outer appearance of you girl — which can change and work against you if you are too invested in it.  But let us begin now to focus on that inner quiet beauty that has been gently nagging you over the years to come out and show its face, its creativity, its compassion, its interests, its art, its love, its peace to the world.   All of these gifts are not just for you…we are waiting to see and hear and feel them too!!!  In other words, WE NEED YOU!

To all my Girlfriends and every other friend (whether to me or to others), may you be open and receptive to Health, Wealth, and Manifold Blessings in this new year!

Oh, here is later photo of Lady Katherine with elegance, grace and style Ever-Renewing Woman

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Wearing makeup is an apology for our actual faces.  Wearing makeup makes it seem as if a woman has something to hide. -Cynthia Heimel, writer

Well, we can tell that she doesn’t need any beauty sponsors!  I’ve always agreed that makeup took too much time and money.  But, I love perfume and smelling good.  So, they’ve still got me!

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”A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away”.  ~ Antione de Sainte

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