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Ever want to be an adult and child all at the same time?  Then visit Walt Disney’s Downtown Disney!

No, this is not an advertisement.  It’s a testimony.  Downtown Disney has a Marketplace and Pleasure Island and fun than the law should allow.  There is every kind of food you can eat and under conditions that only someplace with the name Disney could provide.  It’s a delight for the heart and the eyes.  But, see just a little of the excitement I tried to capture in these few photos below.  After that, don’t live through my experience, go visit Downtown Disney for yourself!

Who was Eating Who in Jurassic Park

Run!!!! Oh, it's not really alive?

What are those people eating?

Grab your Food and let's make a quick get-away!

I'm a Sea Serpent made of how many Lego pieces?


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Photography and short stories by Sophia Asaviour

Booo -- We See You!

Look closely, there is somebody with a black cape and white dots on his back visiting these flowers.  He is seeking shelter before the sun descends and who knows what will come out.  If he moves gently, they may not see him.

No Pushing!!!

As the trees on the other side of the mountain valiantly observe, they stand silent as these rocks gather before nightfall.  Down, down, way down below there are other rocks that have fallen to an unknown fate.  These, while missing their fellows are not yet mature enough to test the weight of gravity.  But shall one so decide?   Hummmmm

Don't Look Down

As the birds and winds of long ago flew and blew over dropping the seeds that were their ancient forebearers, these remnants stand in the face of all who wonder here crying out in deafening presence this testament…”Do Not Look Down.   Face your enemy bravely knowing your roots are planted firmly in the earth and nothing can move you.  Fear is a creature of the mindDo Not Look Down.”

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