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This photograph depicts what it looks like to feel completely safe and secure.  The baby sleeps assured of protection guarding its life. 

This mother is not holding her head and screaming into space over the loss of her child, but gently supporting and tenderly gazing at the fruit of her womb.  So it is for her and so may it be for all mothers and their babies.  Amen


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I have been blessed and fortunate to have been one to be in the presence of Amma Chi on several occasions.  I am one that can testify to the purity of the water that flows from this fountain. 

Speaking of this great woman known as the “Mother of Eternal Bliss and the Hugging Saint” , Mr. Naidu said, these words of Amma Chi from the dais on 21 February at Mahindra Hills, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh:

India is leading the whole world in spirituality, and Amma is India’s primary spiritual leader.

Many foreigners have come and are sitting here for hours in austere conditions.


Because they are receiving from Amma the bliss that money cannot give.

Money cannot give happiness–by seeing the foreigners sitting here we understand this.

Whatever work we do, we cannot get this kind of bliss.

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Emmanuel at 1 day old

Emmanuel ~ Another Miracle

To babies, the ordinary is extraordinary. From the moment they are born, they are full of wonder. Like artists, they study each intricate detail of our face, discovering every line, pimple, freckle, or mole. They are seeing the world for the first time! Everything is fresh, new — everything is an object of wonder — even a piece of lint, a strand of hair, a button on a sweater.

Remember how you felt when you first saw the ocean? The blinking lights on the Christmas tree? A movie in 3D? When we see the world through a child’s bright, little eyes, we experience anew our own childlike sense of wonder.

Wonder is not reserved for children, but they do help us to re-awaken to it in ourselves and the world around us.

(Photograph of Emmanuel in Kenya, E. Africa at 1 week old by Sophia Asaviour)

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