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Ever want to be an adult and child all at the same time?  Then visit Walt Disney’s Downtown Disney!

No, this is not an advertisement.  It’s a testimony.  Downtown Disney has a Marketplace and Pleasure Island and fun than the law should allow.  There is every kind of food you can eat and under conditions that only someplace with the name Disney could provide.  It’s a delight for the heart and the eyes.  But, see just a little of the excitement I tried to capture in these few photos below.  After that, don’t live through my experience, go visit Downtown Disney for yourself!

Who was Eating Who in Jurassic Park

Run!!!! Oh, it's not really alive?

What are those people eating?

Grab your Food and let's make a quick get-away!

I'm a Sea Serpent made of how many Lego pieces?


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Though that marching band and twirling girls were all heated up, I was still really cold under my Anne Klein double lined trench coat!  Today, Saturday 14 Jan, is the opening to a week-long celebration starting next week in Eatonville Florida. The 10-block walk to reach the heart of Zora Neale Hurston’s hometown did not help me to warm up (actually, I’m still chilled). 
So, all of you Michiganders thinking of heading to Florida for fun in the sun, wait a week or so before coming to Orlando.  I hope it warms up before I leave!


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